About Us

The HouseProud program provides no-cost repairs to low-income seniors living in the greater downtown Atlanta neighborhoods.  The primary goal of HouseProud is to keep homeowners warm, safe and dry in their existing homes.  

Roof repair, plumbing, weatherstripping, and floor reinforcement are just a few of the typical repairs that HouseProud performs on a regular basis.  HouseProud staff works closely with volunteers and contractors to ensure that the homeowner receives the highest quality repairs.

The typical homeowner served through HouseProud is a low-income senior widow who has lived in her house for 20 years or more.  These seniors have been the backbone of their communities for decades. Rising property taxes in gentrifying neighborhoods and increased healthcare costs make it difficult for many seniors to pay for even the most basic home maintenance, let alone major repairs.  The service that HouseProud provides allows these homeowners to remain content and comfortable in their homes.


HouseProud is unique in that the program functions from a true "neighbor helping neighbor" position.  Staff regularly attend neighborhood meetings, and take referrals directly from neighborhood associations in an effort to encourage homeowners to stay connected to their community.  This collaborative effort has resulted in a strengthening bond between the homeowners and their neighborhoods.

For those with a more visual tilt, scroll further for a brief video that illustrates HouseProud's mission in action!