Our Projects

Entail countless repairs and improvements. Volunteers, contractors, and HouseProud staff repair roofs, fix plumbing, redeck unsafe porches, install wheelchair ramps, provide floor stabilization, and many, many other repairs. Check out a few of our projects and terrific volunteers below!

Community Bucket on Little

Community Bucket on Little:
We were very excited to work with Community Bucket volunteers again so soon in 2013!  We went to Little Street where we finished a screen project on the homeowner's front porch and we did some intense interior painting!
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Operation Bathroom Repair: Success!

Operation Bathroom Repair: Success!:
Three very dedicated and hardworking volunteers: Rob Bowers, Brian Hogue, and Ken Knight went to Ms. Amanda Ragin's house and did an AMAZING job repairing her bathroom!  Check out these pictures to see how far we've come!
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GABWA and Pippy

GABWA and Pippy:
The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) donated $1,000 today to be put into working on a specific homeowner's house.  Our beloved Miss Pippy is the recipient of this donation and it will go to replacing the siding on the back of her house.  Miss Pippy is very excited to be...
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Emory Cares Day

Emory Cares Day:
On Saturday, November 10, HouseProud was excited to partner up with Emory students to do some more work to Ms. Pippy's home.  It's looking good!
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Suntrust Gives Back!

Suntrust Gives Back!:
On Friday, October 23, a group of volunteers from Sntrust came out and they were amazing!  You can tell from the pictures that this was a very hard-working crew.  We are so grateful for their help!
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Turner Volunteer Day Meets Ms. Pippy

Turner Volunteer Day Meets Ms. Pippy:
Turner Broadcasting Volunteers showed up at Ms. Pippy's house today, leaving a smile on her face as well as on that of each of the volunteers!
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Turner Volunteer Day

Turner Volunteer Day:
12 Volunteers from Turner Broadcasting took time out of their busy schedules to come to Doctor Davenport's home in the Southwestern part of Atlanta.  They painted, trimmed, planted, and socialized and it was a job well done!
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Home Depot Celebration of Service Day

Home Depot Celebration of Service Day:
  Home Depot once again partners with HouseProud to perform much needed repairs for our Veteran Seniors. As always, thank you Home Depot!!!
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So many big hearts! Volunteers from KPMG gave a Saturday to lend a hand to Dr. Vivian Davenport, a woman who has given so much of herself as volunteer unpaid headmaster at a southwest Atlanta school for low-income kids, which she founded in 1978. Thanks to both KPMG and Dr. Davenport for the...
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United Way

United Way:
What a way to celebrate a birthday! With 125 years under its belt, United Way launched a nationwide Day of Action, and we were lucky enough to have a fabulous group of 25 spending that day with us to help out Ms. Davis in Adair Park. Thanks, United Way, for your hard work and giving hearts -- and...
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