Our Projects

Entail countless repairs and improvements. Volunteers, contractors, and HouseProud staff repair roofs, fix plumbing, redeck unsafe porches, install wheelchair ramps, provide floor stabilization, and many, many other repairs. Check out a few of our projects and terrific volunteers below!

Impact Georgia

Impact Georgia:
When you're working with a group as awesome as this, it's hard not to smile right along with them. This crew from Impact Georgia contributed their time, painting prowess, and enthusiastic spirits to brighten a senior neighbor's day. Thanks for lending a hand, Impact Georgia!
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Brasfield & Gorrie

Brasfield & Gorrie:
Over the years, Brasfield and Gorrie has consistently sent us groups that have done excellent work with an enthusiastic spirit. Most recently, on June 13, while some of the crew installed lathe and painted trim on the front of the house, others helped Ms. Andrews by completing two secure sets of...
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Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta used their Saturday morning to give back! With scrapers and brushes in hand, volunteers helped to beautify and weatherproof Mr. Hope's home with a fresh coat of paint. Thanks, FRBA, for putting your time and energy to such great work!
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UVA Club of Atlanta

UVA Club of Atlanta:
The Cavs are hard at work! On this bright and sunny Saturday morning, the UVA Club of Atlanta sent out a crew of volunteers to paint and landscape for Ms. Andrews in Adair Park. Their hard work gave her home a whole new look. Thanks, UVA-ers, for supporting your senior neighbors!
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House Party 2012 - Before and After Parties

House Party 2012 - Before and After Parties:
What a great day for a House Party! After a morning of good work, volunteers spent an afternoon of relaxing, eating, visiting, and enjoying the music. Check out the festivities!
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House Party 2012 - SunTrust

House Party 2012 - SunTrust:
What a beautiful day for a House Party! Thanks to the enthusiastic volunteerism of SunTrust, Ms. Rush's house now has a brand-new coat of paint (and one that isn't pink!) to keep the home weatherized and beautiful. Thanks for stepping out and pitching in, SunTrust!
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House Party 2012 - SPSU

House Party 2012 - SPSU:
What can we say? SPSU has once again proved their awesomeness. At our 2012 House Party, they assisted the wonderful Mr. Smith by performing a number of repairs that the homeowner had been wanting to do for years but was unable to do for himself. Thanks so much for your hard work and your spirit...
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House Party 2012 - Jabian

House Party 2012 - Jabian:
Look at all that Jabian blue hard at work! We're thrilled that Jabian came out for their first ever Atlanta House Party this year, and what a difference they made! Ms. Andrews's home is now safer and brighter thanks to these wonderful volunteers. They removed rotted back steps, painted trim,...
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House Party 2012 - The Home Depot

House Party 2012 - The Home Depot:
All we can say is WOW. Our presenting sponsor, the Home Depot, sent out another fantastic crew of volunteers for this year's House Party, and their hard work really paid off! Ms. Hall now has a spectacular new walkway, freshly painted trim, and a brand-new storage enclosure. Thank you, Home...
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House Party 2012 - Community House #2

House Party 2012 - Community House #2:
The Harris household has a new look! Thanks to committed community members, this home has fresh paint and safer rear steps. Thanks to all who came out on this House Party day to lend a hand to these wonderful seniors!
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